Veronika Lineberry Manzella was determined to make a difference when she saw a video about the struggles, despair and plight of the people of Dandora, Kenya. She set out to raise funds for the Brother Andre Dispensary and the Voluntary Counseling and Testing Clinic in Africa. In 2007, following Veronika’s untimely passing, the people of Dandora dedicated the VCT Clinic in her honor and renamed it "Veronika’s Place."

HIV/AIDS killed 1.6 million people in Africa in 2007. According to UNAIDS, the annual number of AIDS deaths continues to rise in Kenya, approximately 150,000 deaths per year. Dandora is one of the world’s worst slums.

Situated in Nairobi, Kenya, Dandora is plagued with pollution, poverty, crime, malnutrition, and HIV/AIDS.

It is the goal of Veronika’s Place to offer the necessary treatment, counseling, and education to Dandora’s people. Since the opening of Veronika’s Place, the clinic has expanded their services, helping four to five times as many people on a daily basis. One of the most important services now provided is food distribution, enabling patients to receive much needed nutrition. Our objective is to distribute flour, sugar, oil, beans, etc. from a monthly to a weekly basis. Nutrition is an essential part of the health and care of the 2,000 patients at Veronika’s Place.

With your tax-deductible contributions and support, we will continue Veronika’s dream and legacy of helping those who so desperately need food, clean water, and proper medical treatment. Every dollar, every donation will go directly to Veronika’s Place and to the people of Dandora.

Lineberry Manzella
1962 – 2007

You Will Forever Be Missed…

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